Airport Wayfinder®  

“Wayfinding or finding one's way, is not simply a matter of following signs and directions. It involves all the information that people use to negotiate an environment - their own past wayfinding experiences, their attitudes toward new experience, and their levels of perception and recognition. Whether the territory to be negotiated is a single building, a large complex, or a meandering route, their overall awareness of spatial relationships around them and the verbal and visual clues that are offered, guide them to the eventual destination.

Our approach to setting up successful wayfinding for air travelers and airport users builds a presentation around many of these experiential cues by means of 3D video technologies.

The overall objective of the Airport Wayfinder is to lessen travelers' anxieties by starting their wayfinding through the airport and its surroundings, before they arrive. This orientation is available onboard several of the worlds' leading airlines and on the web, enhancing the travel experience with pre-arrival airport information.”

Nancy Grimes
Executive Producer
Airport Wayfinder

Air Travel Video Technologies, LLC (ATV)

Founded in 1993 Air Travel Video Technologies, LLC is the world's leading producer of international airport arrival information for the world's airlines, using copyrighted scripts and proprietary video animation techniques. Located in Rye, New Hampshire, ATV was created to provide airline passengers with an informed and comfortable arrival and departure experience, enhancing international airline travel and optimizing the use of the world's airports. ATV was the first to promote this new program to airlines and airports. Since its inception, ATV has produced, distributed and supported Airport Wayfinder video programs of more than 60 of the world's leading international airports for its airline customers, which include: Air France, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Saudia, United Airlines and US Airways.

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